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De volgende links wil ik graag promoten - dit zijn dus geen site sponsors! Er zijn legio redenen voor mij om deze sites te steunen, maar in essentie komen de sterke vrijheid van geest en onafhankelijkheid overal terug.


"over de nederlanse filosoof Benedictus de Spinoza"


"Een kritische visie op pseudo-wetenschappelijke beweringen, paranormale ervaringen, alternatieve therapieen en andere randgebieden van geloof en wetenschap."

Vereniging tegen de Kwakzalverij

"Het doel van onze vereniging is: evaluatie van alternatieve behandelwijzen en bestrijding van kwakzalverij in de ruimste zin van het woord."


"Reason is the monthly print magazine of “free minds and free markets.” It covers politics, culture, and ideas through a provocative mix of news, analysis, commentary, and reviews. Reason provides a refreshing alternative to right-wing and left-wing opinion magazines by making a principled case for liberty and individual choice in all areas of human activity.

Reason Online is updated daily with articles and columns on current developments in politics and culture. It also contains the full text of past issues of the print edition of Reason. Reason Online is entirely free."


"All Project Gutenberg ebooks are free as in free beer for anyone living in the United States: You may download all our ebooks for your personal use for free. Most Project Gutenberg ebooks are also free as in free speech: You may copy them, give them away and use them in any way you like. See the license page for details. If you don't live in the United States, please check the copyright laws of your country before downloading an ebook. Project Gutenberg is the oldest producer of free ebooks on the Internet. Our collection was produced by hundreds of volunteers."

Richard Dawkins

"Richard Dawkins was educated at Oxford University and has taught zoology at the universities of California and Oxford. He is the Charles Simonyi Professor of the Public Understanding of Science at Oxford University. His books about evolution and science include The Selfish Gene, The Extended Phenotype, The Blind Watchmaker, River Out of Eden, Climbing Mount Improbable, and most recently, Unweaving the Rainbow."


"This is the personal website of Jørgen Carling. I am a researcher at the International Peace Research Institute, Oslo (PRIO) in Norway, specializing in international migration and with a long-time personal and academic interest in Cape Verde. Dragoeiro is the dragon tree that grows only on Cape Verde and a few other places in the world."


"KurzweilAI.net features the big thoughts of today's big thinkers examining the confluence of accelerating revolutions that are shaping our future world, and the inside story on new technological and social realities from the pioneers actively working in these arenas.

We are witnessing intersecting revolutions in a plethora of fields: biotechnology, nanotechnology, molecular electronics, computation, artificial intelligence, pattern recognition, virtual reality, human brain reverse engineering, brain augmentation, robotics, and many others. The leading visionaries represented on this site examine these transforming trends and their profound impact on economics, the arts, politics, government, warfare, medicine, health, education, disabilities, social mores, and sexuality."